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some lolz.


Yes, I did in fact meet James Murphy of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM!

Greg Herndon got in the shot somehow. Lol JK Sup Greg!

more James Murphy sightings!!


Shut Up And Play The Hits (2012)


LCD Soundsystem @ Razzmatazz 1 Barcelona - 6 Nov 2010


ALSO !!!!
we went to despacio on two nights and it was SO GREAT- I had my doubts especially because of the price to see it not at glastonbury (£30) for what was in my mind a ‘glorified club night’ but it was really really good. I even held my camera over the barrier and got a sneaky picture of james murphy himself !!! very cool, there was the most incredible disco ball in the centre and 7 massive 50,000 watt soundsystems (more info)


This is my aesthetic


>tfw you know you’ll never see LCD Soundsystem liveimage

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Despacio @Sonar, Barcelona SP, June 2014

Arcade Fire x James Murphy